Frantic Fingers

Frenzied. Frenetic. Frantic.



Go Head-to-Head against family and friends.
Can your brain defeat them all?

CopycatHD is a fun and challenging memory game for 2 players (or 1 player if they fear your awesome cranium).
Repeat the sequence by watching the colors and listening to the sounds. How many can you remember?
- 6 Game Types
- 3 Game Modes (Forward, Reverse, Rotate)
- 4 Skill Levels to control the speed and difficulty
- 3 Pad types(Color, Glow, and Clear)
- 100's of game variations by mixing and matching game options.
- Choose from colorful background patterns
- Colorful fireworks and applause reward the winner!
- Your Memory Failed? Tap the "Last Sequence" to see where.
- The timer gives you no mercy, especially on game mode reverse or rotate! Turn it on or off.
- Choose from multiple sound sets
- Striking Bell sounds
- Violin sounds
- Piano sounds
- Funky guitar sounds
- Retro arcade sounds right out of the 80's.



2 players. The race is on! This game is the most frantic. You must be quicker than your opponent by correctly repeating the color sequence. There are 10 rounds. Each round the iPad creates a completely new sequence. When you see "GO", you must repeat the sequence before your opponent. If you make a mistake, your opponent gets the point! First player to 10 is the winner. Skill level determines sequence length: Level 1 is 3 colors. Level 2 is 5 colors. Level 3 is 7 colors. Level 4 is 9 colors.

Single Copycat
1 Player. Correctly repeat a longer and longer sequence of colors. The iPad will light a color on one of the pads. Repeat the sequence by tapping on the correct pad. Each time you correctly repeat the color sequence, the iPad will repeat the sequence again and then add another color. The sequence will speed up after the 5th, 9th, and 13th color.
Skill level determines the game length: Level 1 is 8 colors. Level 2 is 14 colors. Level 3 is 20 colors. Level 4 is 31 colors.

Double Copycat
2 players. Beat your opponent by correctly repeating a longer and longer sequence of colors. Each turn, the iPad will add another color to the sequence. Players will alternate turns tapping the same colors as the iPad displayed. Skill level determines the sequence speed.

2 players. No iPad boss to get in your way. You have to beat your opponent by taking turns adding a color of your choice to the sequence. You must repeat the last sequence, then add one more color of your choosing. Crush your opponent by crafting a difficult sequence!

Double Challenge
2 players. This game is a combination of Double and Challenge. Each turn, the iPad will add another color to the sequence. Then, you must repeat the sequence and add a new color of your choice. Can you withstand the onslaught of both the computer and your opponent? Skill level determines the sequence speed.

Free Play
No rules, just bang on the pads all you want. Play the piano or the guitar. Or, choose Retro sounds and imitate an 80's video game.


Normal - Repeat the sequence in order.
Reverse - Players must repeat the sequence in reverse!
Rotate Pads - The pads will rotate positions after every 3 colors.

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